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The actions of the brain and the hands are closely related.

For small children, the most important tool is the hand, with which they get to know the world around them. Hands are a tool of the intellect, the more the child works with the hands, the more the intellect and the brain are activated. An underdeveloped hand does not allow the brain to fully develop, you need to pay attention to working with your hands. Similarly, the development of hands and fingers is also related to language.

The hand-brain circuit works like this: the child grabs or touches something with the hand, the hand informs the brain about the received information, the brain, based on this newly acquired information, moves the hand. As the hand moves, it again acquires new information and reports back to the brain. This is how it repeats itself all the time, and this development of the brain and the movement of the hand to get new impressions, sensations, information. Therefore, it is important to give children different textures, textures, things of different materials and sizes.

In our product range, you will find many different puzzles, products to develop hand and brain activity much better.



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