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    Life cycle - development circles. The set includes 10 life cycles with four stages of development, a base, a box and a correction sheet. Life cycles help you explore the wonderful rhythms of nature. It is easy to visualize the cyclic life patterns of animals or plants. The base of the circle has four recesses where any figure or life stage image can be placed and four arrows in between for easy navigation. All 10 life cycles can be conveniently stored in a wooden box. The correction sheets will help the child to put together the life cycles correctly without mistakes. Learning material improves hand, eye coordination, attention, logical thinking, brain function. Teaches - analysis, classification, sorting, problem solving, figure perception.

    Base dimensions:
    Diameter: 220mm
    Thickness: 6mm
    Circle sizes:
    Diameter: 57mm
    Thickness: 3mm

    Box dimensions:
    Length: 340mm
    Width: 140mm
    Depth: 24mm


    How wonderful is the world around us! Since childhood, the baby is interested in everything that surrounds him, because he has a natural desire for knowledge! The best way to keep him interested is to play with him.

    In the design of the product, we follow all the basic principles of Montessori - natural materials and smooth structure. The puzzle is a Montessori learning material and can become one of your favorite educational toys.

    Our wooden educational toys are safe because they are made of high quality birch plywood and non-toxic paints, 100% handmade.

    Please note that colors may vary due to computer monitor settings and lighting.

    DO NOT leave the child alone while they are playing, if there are small parts make sure they are safe for the child.

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