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The owner of the website is the self-employed person Inita Gailīte (hereinafter referred to as "private person"), legal address "Ciedri" Alsviķi, Alūksnes nov., LV-4333, Latvia. If you have any questions regarding the use of the website or the terms, please contact us, using the website -  CONTACT US,   or email us – The content of the website is the property of a private person  , the republishing or use of any information must be agreed with the private person. All rights reserved.


The seller of the goods offered on this website, Inita Gailīte, legal address "Ciedri" Alsviķi, Alūksnes nov., LV-4333, Latvia, on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and the person placing the order, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, on the other hand, conclude the following Agreement :


  • The Seller undertakes to sell and deliver the goods to the Buyer in accordance with the order placed in the online store;

  • General product description, composition, packaging and delivery method are described for each product individually. The seller informs that product information may be changed without notice;

  • The goods found in the online store are produced on an individual order, the production time of the goods is 3 - 7 working days;

  • In cases where the ordered product is not available or there are problems with the delivery, the Seller will inform the Buyer about this within one working day;

  • Product colors in real life may differ from those shown on the Internet due to monitor settings;

  • Product prices are shown separately for each product. The seller informs that the prices in the online store are variable, the price can be changed by the seller without notice;


  • To place an order in the online store, the Buyer selects the goods, their size, color or one of the available variations and adds them to the shopping cart. To confirm the order, the Buyer selects the option - Order;

  • The buyer is personally responsible for the correctness of the delivery data;

  • In order for the Buyer to make changes to the order, the Buyer must immediately notify the Seller about the changes using the website -  CONTACT US  or write to e-mail;

  • When ordering the product, the Buyer confirms that he is familiar with the product description, care instructions and all information related to a specific product and published in the product description;

  • If the Buyer has questions or doubts about ordering goods or order details, the Buyer should contact the Seller using the website -  CONTACT US  or write to e-mail


  • When placing an order, the Buyer receives an invoice with company details and transaction details to the e-mail specified in the order;

  • The invoice is prepared electronically and is valid without a signature;

  • The buyer pays for the order by bank transfer;

  • Commission fees (interbank commission, etc.) related to making the transfer  The Seller is covered by the Buyer;

  • The Seller starts packing the order only if the Seller has received the money for the order in his bank account.


  • The seller delivers the order to the buyer according to the method of delivery chosen by the buyer;

  • In cases where the goods are not in the Seller`s warehouse, the Seller sends the goods within 3-7 working days from the moment the Seller receives payment for the order in his bank account;

  • In urgent cases, if the Buyer needs faster dispatch, the Buyer informs the Seller about it in order to agree on the possibilities of faster dispatch;

  • Delivery costs depend on the delivery method chosen by the Buyer, the available delivery methods are:

Delivery using OMNIVA Latvija parcel, price - 3.20 EUR;

Delivery using OMNIVA Eesti/ Lithuania parcel, price - 8.00 EUR;

Delivery outside the territory of the European Union via Latvian Post, price - 12.00 EUR; 
Delivery in the territory of the European Union via Latvian Post, price - 10.00 EUR.

  • In cases where the Buyer wishes to receive the order using another delivery method, the Buyer must coordinate this with the Seller;

  • In cases where the preparation of the order was delayed, the Seller immediately informs the Buyer about the delay in the delivery of the order;

  • The Seller is not responsible for the delay in the delivery of the goods, which is related to the delay of the delivery service provider chosen by the Buyer.


  • The buyer has the right to refuse the ordered product or exchange it within 14 days from the moment of receiving the order in the following cases:

The product is not used;
The product is packed in the original packaging with the original trademarks and complete set;
The product is not soiled or otherwise damaged.

  • To cancel the ordered product, the Buyer fills out the Cancelation form -   and sends it electronically to the Seller to;

  • The costs related to the return of goods due to the Buyer`s refusal shall be borne by the Buyer;

  • The seller returns the money to the buyer`s bank account   within 14 days from the moment of receiving the goods;

  • In cases where the Buyer has asked for changes to be made in the goods and they are manufactured according to an individual order, the Seller does not accept the goods back or change them - MK 255 clause 22;

  • In cases where a product defect of the supplied goods is found, the Seller shall cover all costs related to the exchange or return of the goods;

  • The product is NOT inappropriate/poor quality if:

the non-conformity was caused by not following the care instructions, warnings;

normal wear and tear of the product is NOT considered a defect.

  • In the event that the Buyer wishes to exchange the goods, the expenses related to the exchange of goods (costs of resending the exchanged goods with OMNIVA - EUR 4.00) shall be covered by the Buyer. The buyer is invoiced for redelivery for the exchange of goods according to the chosen delivery method.


  • We take responsibility that your private information (name, surname, delivery address, etc.) will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases where it is not requested by law enforcement authorities.

  • The seller may request the following personal data from you for order processing, accounting purposes and organizing product delivery: name, surname, address, telephone number and e-mail.

  • The data provided by the buyer is stored on the platform of the website developer, on the Seller`s computer and at the e-mail address Data is protected and only accessible with a secure password.

  • The term of storage of the buyer`s data is 5 years.

  • The buyer has the right to - access his data, request data deletion, correct his data, request termination of data processing, the right to object to data processing, the right to withdraw consent.

  • We respect your privacy and will never use your data for a purpose that could limit your privacy.



1.1. This Privacy Policy is described by Inita Gailīte, legal address "Ciedri" Alsviķi, Alūksnes nov., LV-4333, Latvia, (hereinafter also called - "Data controller") collects, processes and stores personal data that obtains from its customers and persons visiting the website (hereinafter referred to as "Subject" or "You").
1.2. Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person, ie the Data Subject. Processing is any activity related to personal data, such as obtaining, recording, modifying, using, viewing, erasing or destroying.
1.3. The data controller complies with the data processing principles provided for in the legislation and is able to confirm that personal data is processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.


2.1. Personally identifiable information is obtained, processed and stored by the Data Controller, mainly through the website of the online store and e-mail.
2.2. By visiting and using the services provided in the online store, you agree that any information provided is used and managed in accordance with the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy.
2.3. The data subject is responsible for ensuring that the submitted personal data is correct, accurate and complete. Knowingly providing false information is considered a violation of our Privacy Policy. The data subject is obliged to immediately notify the Data Controller of any changes in the submitted personal data.
2.4. The Data Controller is not responsible for damages caused to the Data Subject or third parties, if they are caused by falsely submitted personal data.


3.1. The data controller may process the following personal data:

3.1.1. Name and surname
3.1.2. Contact information (email address and/or phone number)
3.1.3. Transaction data (purchased goods, delivery address, price, payment information, etc.).
3.1.4. Any other information submitted to us during the purchase of services and goods offered by the website or when communicating with us.

3.2. In addition to the above, the Data Controller has the right to verify the accuracy of the submitted data using publicly available registers.

3.3. The legal basis for personal data processing is Article 6, Clause 1, subparagraph a), b), c) and f) of the General Data Protection Regulation:

a) the data subject has given consent to the processing of his personal data for one or more specific purposes;
b) the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is a contracting party or for the performance of measures at the request of the data subject prior to the conclusion of the contract;
c) the processing is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation attributable to the controller;
f) processing is necessary to meet the legitimate interests of the controller or a third party, except if the interests of the data subject or the fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms that require the protection of personal data are more important than such interests, especially if the data subject is a child.

3.4. The Data Controller stores and processes the Personal Data of the Data Subject as long as at least one of the following criteria is met:

3.4.1. Personal data are necessary for the purposes for which they were received;
3.4.2. As long as the Data Manager and/or the Data Subject can realize their legitimate interests, such as submitting objections or bringing or bringing a lawsuit to court, in accordance with the procedures set forth in external regulatory acts;
3.4.3. As long as there is a legal obligation to store data, such as under the Accounting Act;
3.4.4. As long as the Data Subject`s consent to the relevant personal data processing is valid, if there is no other legal basis for personal data processing.

Upon termination of the conditions mentioned in this paragraph, the term of storage of the personal data of the Data Subject also expires and all relevant personal data are permanently deleted from computer systems and electronic and/or paper documents that contained the relevant personal data or these documents are anonymized.

3.5. In order to fulfill its obligations to you, the Data Controller has the right to transfer your personal data to cooperation partners, data processors who perform the necessary data processing on our behalf, such as accountants, courier services, etc. The Data Processor is the controller of personal data. Payment processing is provided by the payment platform - , therefore our company transfers the personal data necessary for payment execution to the owner of the platform.
Upon request, we can transfer your personal data to state and law enforcement authorities in order to defend our legal interests, if necessary, by drafting, submitting and defending legal claims.

3.6. When processing and storing personal data, the Data Controller implements organizational and technical measures to ensure the protection of personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, alteration, disclosure and any other illegal processing.


4.1. In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, you have the right to:

4.1.1. Access your personal data, receive information about their processing, as well as request a copy of your personal data in electronic format and the right to transfer this data to another controller (data portability);
4.1.2. Request correction of incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete personal data;
4.1.3. Delete your personal data ("be forgotten"), except in cases where the law requires data retention;
4.1.4. Withdraw your previously given consent to the processing of personal data;
4.1.5. Limit the processing of your data - the right to request that we temporarily stop processing all your personal data;
4.1.6. Contact the Data State Inspectorate
You can submit a request for the exercise of your rights by filling out the form and sending the request electronically to


5.1. This Privacy Policy has been developed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (April 27, 2016) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and which repeals Directive 95/46/EC ( General Data Protection Regulation), as well as the laws of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union in force.

5.2. The data controller has the right to make changes or additions to the Privacy Policy at any time and without prior notice. Corrections enter into force after their publication on the website

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